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Church Planting

The Potter's House of Eldorado Park is actively involved in church planting across the globe. Our entire ministry is focused on making disciples to reach the desperate people of the world.

We believe in the dignity of the local church, and that Biblical church growth is patterned not by mega-churches in large cities, but by the training of disciples in the local church who pioneer their own congregations. Biblical growth is via multiplication, not conglomeration.

Church planting is wholly supported by, financed by, and staffed by the converts and disciples of the local church, and it is through this process that Christian Fellowship Ministries has grown to nearly 3,000 churches around the world.

Here in Eldorado Park, through the planting of our own couples, and the continuing commitment to plant churches by our daughter churches, we have grown to more than 100 churches in South Africa, with many active missionaries across Southern Arica, and indigenous workers in several nations.


The Eldorado Park congregation has been instrumental in reaching many nations in our region, and we are constantly striving to extend the reach of the gospel in Southern Africa and beyond!


2,800 locations and growing!

With nearly 3,000 churches internationally, we are witnessing a move of God across our world!

Learn how you can be a part of the worldwide impact.

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